Doing what the media won't 

     I'm redoing the whole site. It may look better, it may be easier to navigate. 
It didn't cost you anything to get here, so don't complain. 

Today is July 25th, hopefully it will be done in a week or three.  It will never be a 'professional' looking site.  However, the facts will have been verified, as they are now. My opinions are always subject to change. 

If you have an hour or more, take a look through, there is lots that the media never reported or questioned, or only reported once and then buried. 

A few quick points;

Justin's trip to Sudbury on our dime should be enough to put him in front of a judge. His travel expenses ($80,000 a year) before he became leader should have him audited. 

 I am not affiliated with the Conservative or NDP parties.
 The Liberal party has been aware of this site since day one. In fact, JT announced his 'pro-active disclosure' on June 5th 2013, two days after I wrote the party asking for a detailed breakdown of his travel expenses from 2009 to 2013.

I started up the site a few weeks later. It does look amateurish, that is become I am an amateur at putting together websites. 

The site is still here, his "pro-active disclosure" is still a farce, the media is still covering his butt.  

BTW, it is July 3rd, 2015. Justin's last 'pro-active disclosure was for June 24th, 2014. I think he and the rest of his party is hoping to make it to the election without having their expenses looked at.  

Today on CBC's Power and Politics, Kady O'Malley said that she looked at some MP's expenses and everything looked fine. 

Nothing to see here folks, oh look, a squirrel !!!

    The facts are facts, my opinions are my opinions.
   If you have a problem with that, well... in the words of the great John Waters;

 I guess there's just two kinds of people ... my kind of people, and assholes. It's rather obvious which category you fit into. "

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          Why vote for Justin ??? 



  Maybe you agree with his views on;     






   The Debate debate

     If so, he's your man, vote for him.


1)   His expenses.

       The 'Duffy trial' is interesting.

        In my opinion, the worst that he has done and should be prosecuted for, is the travel at our expense for partisan reasons. 

        You don't go out fundraising for a party and charge all taxpayers. If you want to raise funds for the Conservatives or whoever, do it on their dime, and preferably on the weekends when you are not on my dime. 

        Anyone have a problem with that ???

    Let's take a closer look at Justin's 'proactive disclosure'. Shall we ?


2013-12-12 — 2013-12-13Meeting$1,256.84
2013-12-12 — 2013-12-13Meeting$718.39



       So he went to a meeting in Sudbury, nothing wrong with that. Well...if you go a bit further into the disclosure,  you find that his meeting is  " Visit to Shkagamik-KWE Health Centre, Nickel Rim South Mine, Collège Boréal. ". 

      Still that is OK, though is it really necessary?

      A third party leader visiting a native health center and a mining operation. Sure why not? It seems like a waste of money on a couple of photo-ops to me. The 'College Boreal' was a free pancake breakfast for supporters.   


     Justin paid off a contest debt to a local that signed up the most Liberal supporters. It was a 'lunch with JT' prize. I'm OK with that, small potatoes,unless we paid for it, I suppose he is entitled to his entitlements. 




     That evening Justin headlined a $1,200 a plate fundraiser.

     An excerpt from an e-mail that I received from a Sudbury area reporter;

 " Yes, the dinner for Justin Trudeau was a fundraiser, I assume for the Liberal party or for his campaign. As far as I know, there were no advertisements for it. Word about these dinners is always very much under the radar, by word of mouth. You're darned right the info about the fundraiser is very scarce. I am on an email mailing list for the Liberals because you don't have to be a Liberal to be on it, nor to even choose the leader. I signed up before the leadership convention to stay up on what was happening. "

      Hmmm..... So was JT billing us for a Liberal fundraiser ?

      I think so. And I think he has been pulling off crap like this for years. Hit the 'expenses' link.

      Sudbury has some strange political figures. The Wynne/OPP investigation comes to mind. Sleaze may not be mandatory, but it is prevalent and accepted.

This is how the scam works. 

The party plans a few photo-ops.

They send out an e-mail to their members that the 'popular' figure will be in town for a fundraiser. 

It is not advertised outside that circle. 

Those who cannot afford the steep price of the fundraiser, get a 'meet and greet' with the 'popular' one.  

The media ignores the 'fundraiser' or calls it a 'private function'. 

 The party bills the taxpayer for whatever they can at all levels, hall rentals, catering, etc. 

 They issue tax receipts to those who bought tickets. 

  Everyone is happy, except for the working stiff who is getting bent over. 




     The criminal code of Canada states;

122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.


      Mike Duffy is very familiar with this law. JT should be also. 

      JT spent close to $320,000 on travel in the four years before he became Liberal leader. 

     Where was he going and why was the taxpayer footing the bill?


        Mike Duffy may be a sleazebag, but there are others.

 Justin needs to be audited. NOW. 



        JT spent an average of $80,000 a year on travel in the 4 years BEFORE he became Liberal leader. 

          His Papineau riding in Montreal is a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. He was the third party critic for 'youth sports and multiculturalism'.

           Where was he going and why was the taxpayer footing the bill? 


       A comparison of JT's expenses to the other Montreal MP's can be found at the 'expenses' page on this site. I know it is amateurish, I'm not a website guy. Justin regularly was at the top. Duceppe spent more, but Duceppe was the leader of the BQ and traveled with security.  

        The numbers are all from the Parliament of Canada's website. 

        A little personal background. I got the idea to buy the domain name '' shortly after he announced his run for the leadership.  I picked up about a half-dozen one day. I missed getting '' by about 6 hours the next day. I suspect someone tipped the Liberal party about the purchase of domains relating to JT.

      On June 3rd,2013 I e-mailed the Liberal party and told them that I had taken a close look at JT's expenses and was putting them on a website. I wanted to know if they had a detailed record of his travels. 

      They did not reply. But, on June 5th, JT got in front of the cameras and announced his 'pro-active disclosure' scheme.

      The P-AD is a farce.On June 12th 2014 Justin made the case that posting expenses was difficult. He called it an 'onerous' task. Perhaps JT should have called Elizabeth May. 


     The MP's travel expenses are approved by the MP. It is done on the honour system. Doesn't that make you feel better?

      The criminal code of Canada states;

122. Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.


      Mike Duffy is very familiar with this law. JT should be also. 

      JT spent close to $320,000 on travel in the four years before he became Liberal leader. 

     Where was he going and why was the taxpayer footing the bill?


     We deserve to know. JT and the Libs will not tell us. Perhaps an e-mail to the individual members of the BOIE will help.                      

         Click on the above link to get the names and e-mails of the members.  The media will not pursue JT's expenses, but you can. 


       But wait, there's more. 


       Remember JT's statement after the Boston Marathon bombing;   " ... no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded, completely at war with innocents, at war with a society. And our approach has to be OK, where do those tensions come from? ... we need to make sure as we go forward, we don't emphasize a culture of fear and mistrust, because that ends up marginalizing even further people who are already, you know, feeling like the enemies of society, rather than people who have hope for the future and faith that we can work together and succeed."
      And he goes on and on in this vein,also saying that we have to be careful not to point fingers at "the West,the government,Bostonians..." (he actually said 'Bostonians',as if Cliff Clavin might have gone postal).

      That piece of blather is startling. It came just a few hours after the terrorist attack. No one knew who was responsible, but I'm sure that most were thinking that radical Islam was involved. Justin likely thought so also. 

       Why would he start excusing their actions immediately?

        Why would he offer alternatives to radical Islam ? 

     Was that his own thoughts, or was he advised on what to say?  


      Ret. Gen Leslie did not make his rank by being an idiot. Why would he utter such nonsense ? 

        My guess is that he was told to do so. And he complied. That says a lot about him and the Liberal party.


      The Yazidis suffered horribly at the hands of ISIL. If they turned to violence, I doubt that Canada would be a target.

   Report: ISIS executes 300 Yazidis in Iraq

"The Yazidis, a religious minority group, are considered infidels by Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Since ISIS took over large swathes of Iraq, including the Yazidi district of Sinjar, hundreds of Yazidi men have been reportedly executed, and Yazidi women and children were reportedly sold as slaves. ".


        This article is disturbing. 


        " A recent study by Human Rights watch has found that ISIS fighters have been kidnapping women and children as young as eight, forcing them to marry and convert to Islam and raping them repeatedly.

Around 40,000 people were kidnapped at gunpoint when Islamic State fighters attacked Yazidi villages last summer. "

   One more thing ... " Ayaan Hirsi Ali criticizes Islam and the approach of Western liberal governments in dealing with extremism. "

The CBC will not be promoting this video. They will not be taking clips out to promote tolerance of the 'religion of peace'.
Ayaan Hirst Ali says, " Harper has it right."

      JT believes that the best way to combat terrorism is to appease them and make their victims comfortable. 


3)  Coalition 

       First he was for a coalition. He was newly elected and supported the Lib, NDP, separatist coalition. He did not speak out against it. 


      Then he was for a merger before the election.

      Then he was maybe for a coalition as long as the current NDP leader was not involved.

      Now he is unequivocally against a coalition and has always been that way. 

This line is priceless. " I'm an experienced enough politician to know I shouldn't be answering hypotheticals or interesting questions."

 WTF ? He got a pass on that one.


       One thing that you can be certain about. If the Conservatives form a minority gov't, JT will drool at the chance to be PM. The only stumbling block would be that he may balk at playing second fiddle to Mr. Mulcair. 


 4) Character

     Justin has one goal,to become PM. He has been coddled all his life. His mother frets about political attack ads against him, as she should. JT lived a life of privilege  in a secure cocoon of enabled narcissism.


     The thing that I find the most appalling about Justin  is his devotion to Justin. 

     I don't find fault with him making speeches for profit before he became an MP. If someone wants to pay him to speak, why shouldn't he accept? 

     But once he became an MP, he should have stopped doing them, at the very least while Parliament was in session. He did not. He skipped his MP duties including votes to attend to his second job. Here are a couple of examples. Parliament was sitting both days, there was votes on both days. JT missed both votes. 

     " Liberal MP and former teacher Justin Trudeau speaks to 1,000 people gathered at the Literacy for Life conference in Saskatoon on April 30, 2012."


          "  April 23, 2010 – Charity of Hope. $15,000 Brantford    Tickets are $75 and include a three-course dinner, live music and live and silent auctions.240 sold-out total $18,000 ". 



      Most of his speaking engagements were for charities. That means that we paid his primary wage as he collected extra dollars from the charities. The charities gave tax receipts to their patrons, which the taxpayer (you and I) subsidized. They lowered their tax burden and those who can't afford a few hundred to listen to JT pick up the slack. 

     What could be worse than a rich dilettante getting richer by fleecing the middle class ??? Well, let me tell you. 





      But,but,but, he is a good father.

 Well... he may be. He could be a loving and devoted dad. But the following excerpt from a Chatelaine article is truly bizarre. 

     " Trudeau has disappeared for 20 minutes, but now he returns to the frenzy of the room, holding a wailing Hadrien. He’s been trying to put him down, but the baby won’t sleep. “Fâché, fâché, fâché,” he says ruefully. Someone whisks the baby away.

Tucking her bare feet (mauve-painted toenails) under herself on a couch, Grégoire is calm, happy, unflappable in the midst of the swirling room, though she skips a beat when she hears that Trudeau’s been tossing the baby. She’s fine with the standing-kid stunt, she says, but she hadn’t heard about what he did for an encore: Lowering Hadrien to waist height, he’d flipped the infant on his side and spun him in the air, fast. The baby, gobsmacked, rolled like a crazily time-lapsed rotisserie chicken, executing a flawless 360 in mid-air.

“He did the roll?” she asks, eyebrows rising. “That’s new.” Her voice takes on a tone of faux menace. “Oooooh, Justin . . .”  

            Apparently there is a yoga program for infants.  This "roll" and the "standing-kid stunt" are part of the program. It is, or was, popular in Russia and among European elites. Some say it helps the child grow to their maximum. Pediatricians say it is dangerous and may cause severe injury or death.They cite 'shaken baby syndrome'. 

     PM Harper is criticized repeatedly for shaking his son's hand. Yeah,it was awkward. But JT gets a pass from the media on tossing his six month old child around like a pair of fleshy nunchuks.  Why ???

I think that what he did comes very close to 'child endangerment'. It certainly would not endear him to the 'soccer mom' demographic. 

He did this move to impress the Chatelaine crew while his wife was out of the room. JT is not a class act.  


You be the judge; 




            BTW, the Trudeaus are not too keen on vaccinations. 

     " Q: How did H1N1 affect your family?

A: For some vaccines I'm a little bit hesitant. With H1N1, there are two sides to this. First of all, it's a social responsibility and we have to establish social order and we need to be part of that. "



    Oh yeah, this is interesting also;

     " A note left behind after a break-in at Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s home on Saturday warned the politician’s family to lock its doors, a police source has confirmed to CTV News. '




5) Policies 

     I'm all for his pot policy. But to sell the policy as 'protecting the children' is wrong. 

    Regulating marijuana, when done properly, should be a plus to the bottom line. The current growers do not want competition, especially from the gov't. Taking out gov't employees is quite different from popping another career criminal.

     In a free market the price would drop dramaticallyWould that happen in any Canadian gov't?

 I doubt it. 

Maybe a future gov't will campaign on reducing the marijuana tax ?

That is as likely as a gov't campaigning on reducing the taxes on tobacco or alcohol. It ain't gonna happen. 

     This is bad policy;

     “On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our Parliamentary Caucus, I affirm our unwavering support for the TRC’s recommendations, and call on the Government of Canada to take immediate action to implement them. "

     June 2, 2015

       He said the above within hours, literally hours,  of the TRC presenting their "calls for action". I don't think that he or his advisors read them. But if he did, why is he agreeing to this;

   84) We call upon the federal government to restore and increase funding to the cbc/RadioCanada , to enable Canada’s national public broadcaster to support reconciliation, and be properly reflective of the diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives of Aboriginal ... 


    This is even worse. The TRC wants Canada to adopt the  " UN's Declaration on the rights of Indigineous Peoples".  



     Read it. 

     It not only gives natives a veto over development of all crown land, it gives them a say in foreign policy.

     Justin says yeah, Mulcair says yeah. PM Harper says, whoa,wait a minute.  



     BUT, the Liberals have shown some policy, as of May 4th. 

    They will reduce the tax rate by 7% on 'middle class' taxpayers from 22% to 20.5%. I applaud that. Right on JT, do it. 

     However, the child benefit plan is flawed, terribly flawed.

        The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  

       The Liberal website gives their numbers. It is a simple click and move graph. In my opinion it is not totally useless, but very close. 

       The first example is Anna. She makes less than $30,000 a year.She, as a single mom with one child will get a cheque for $533 a month.

 I'm assuming that she will get $1,600 a month if she has 3 children( the site does not say). This is on top of the other benefits such as free dental and prescriptions that she will receive because of her low to non-existent income. Oh yeah,if she is lucky she can get subsidized rent also. 


                           "Baby mama" should not be a viable career choice.

    The Trudeau plan, as well as the current Conservative plan to a lesser extent, makes 'baby mama' an excellent choice for many. 

Take a wild guess who will pay for it?

It gets worse, much worse.

     Back,way back, like in the 70's, the USA had a huge problem with children not being looked after properly. 

It was largely children in low-income families. The gov't started up a program named "Aid for Dependent Children".   Who could argue with that ?

     The gov't sent cheques to needy moms based on the number of children and their income. Sound familiar ???

     The quick result of this program was a population explosion in the ghettos. We called them ghettos back then, they weren't 'urban disadvantaged areas', they were "the ghetto". That was as politically correct as it got, no adjectives were needed. 

     The ADC program helped many. The downside is that it enabled many more to suckle their offspring on the gov't teat. 'Baby daddy' was a one night job at best. They left, or were not welcome back. Very few stuck around to nurture their seed. The fruit of BM's loins was raised by the 'village'. These village people had their own issues, it was not a harmonious commune. 

     Two generations later, the USA has an immense problem with the ADC fruit. They were raised by single moms who were raised by single moms. I'm not knocking all single moms, but it is a difficult task to raise a child on your own.The difficulty increases greatly as the number of children increase. 

      It will be a long hot summer in the USA. 

      But, there is a way to help out the families that need it and stifle the 'baby mama' option.

      Child tax credits. We have them now, increase them. It will not give the instant gratification of the monthly cheque, but too bad. It will help ALL families out in the long run. More importantly, it will take away the 'baby mama' career choice. 

If you earn $60,000 and have 3 children, you will get a tax refund and pay less income tax on each paycheque. 

     If you do not work, you do not get a refund. You do not get a monthly cheque. You should think twice about having another child.


      This is terrifying. It is not a 'policy' but the Liberals are considering it.

      “There are other ways, like working with the pension funds, to do something really big on infrastructure and at the same time create a more competitive economy and jobs and growth in the long term and short term,” Brison is quoted saying. 

                When he says  "the pension funds", he is talking about your retirement. They will very likely build 'green energy' projects that will have to be subsidized by your current taxes to break even. You lose at both ends. 



      One of his JT's advisers is Gerald Butts. Mr. Butts left the World Wildlife Federation to run Ontario's 'green energy' program for Dalton McGuinty. That is scary, VERY scary. 

     JT was asked "which gov't he admires the most?"

Did he reply Canada? Norway? USA? Sweden?.

Nope, he chose China. The reason, they get things done quickly. Scary,VERY scary. 



     Justin has said that he will implement a carbon pricing plan with-in 90 days of the next world climate summit if he becomes PM. He says that he will consult with the provinces. If they disagree with his vision, will he go Chinese on the provinces? Would he implement another NEP ? I think so. 

      The cry of "the West wants in" which was heard 10 years ago will be replaced with "the West wants out".

       The Canada of today will not be viable. The Western provinces will not merely threaten separation, they will separate. The NDP win in Alberta will only prolong the agony.

       But it will also give Albertans a clear choice next election. If JT plays a heavy hand in Alberta, a separatist party will develop. Perhaps the Wild Rose will advocate for it.  


 6) Miscellaneous

      This is interesting.

 A company actually tracked the number of words spoken by our MPs in the House of Commons in the year 2012. Justin is way down at the bottom. He spoke the least of all Liberal MPs. 

      Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the  'Vegas'  NDP woman from Quebec spoke 3 times more than Justin. But, she showed up daily and took her job seriously. JT was busy elsewhere. I presume that he was out fundraising for the party.  

     Another interesting tidbit. 


MP voting records: The best and the not-so-best

February 18, 2013. 2:00 pm • 

A few excerpts;

" The House of Commons does not publish attendance figures so the only quantifiable measure of an MP’s participation is his or her voting record. "

" By this measure, Trudeau does not fare very well. Only three MPs have missed more votes,"

" UPDATE: At @kady‘s suggestion, I crunched Trudeau’s record from before and after he formally announced his intention to seek the party leadership on October 12, 2012.  Before that point, he had voted in 386 of 469 recorded divisions in the House of Commons, for a respectable 82 per cent.  Since then, however, Trudeau has voted only nine times in 147 votes (6 per cent).

No surprise, really: Trudeau’s campaign strongly believes they are best served with their candidate in the Knights of Columbus halls,"



      The link does not work any longer. The Ottawa Citizen revamped their website and the blog I picked this up  from has lost a few pages. Qu'elle surprise. This information has gone down the rabbit hole. BUT, the record of JT's votes has not. The 6% voting record was never reported on by the CBC's 'kady' or by the Ottawa Citizen or for that matter, by any media.
    " Trudeau’s campaign strongly believes they are best served with their candidate in the Knights of Columbus halls,"
         That is a fine example of how deep in the Trudeau tank the media has sunk. Two of our 'top' political journalists sat on a story that would be damaging to JT.  

     As Jack Layton famously said to Ignatieff; 

"If you want to be prime minister, you’d better learn to be a member of Parliament first,” Layton said at the time. “You know, if most Canadians, if they don’t show up for work, they don’t get a promotion.”

            JT has not got much better in the past year. He rarely shows up for question period two days in a row. He prefers to be out on the road 'meeting Canadians'. In my opinion, he is out campaigning and being admired and adored by his fans. He prefers that over spending time in Ottawa doing his job. He has been showing up for the votes more often, but he doesn't sit on any committees. I don't think he has dome much of anything but campaign for the last 18 months. 

     A strong NDP or Conservative candidate in Papineau could lose JT that seat. He won the riding with 41% of the vote in the first election and slid back a bit in the second one. But he does have the advantage of being party leader this time around.  


      Our CBC never mentioned this. The G&M did. I put in a comment regarding the CBC's lack of ethics at the Globe and Mail's site.

   The G&M printed it. An hour later, they took down their paragraph that mentioned the human shields'. 

  This is the ' Google' search, I never thought of taking a screenshot of the original G&M article. But I did find the google cache ; 


  1. Israel bombards Gaza Strip as anti-Hamas offensive ramps up › News › World
    11 hours ago - After the first strikepeople had gathered on its roof as “human shields,” hoping their presence would deter a second strike, the residents said.
  2.       You won't find that in the Globe's article any longer. 


  Why would they do that? It is factual. There are photographs taken by Gazans of the people on the roof of the building. 

   I think I know.

   1).  PM Harper is a strong supporter of Israel. The CBC and G&M do not

 support the Conservatives. They decided that reporting the facts was not

 as important as painting PMSH as a man who supports evil.


 Killing children is wrong. 

 Using them as human shields is a whole different level of evil.

   The media manipulates the facts. They usually do this by lying through omission. The G&M and the CBC both know that Hamas uses children as human shields, but they choose not to report it. 

   Another example is the 'Freedom Flotillas' that tried to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza. There was a lot of Canadians involved in that. 
   The blockade was, and still is, a legal blockade. The media do not report that. Instead, they report the opinions of those who want to crash through. That is wrong. 


     Worth reading,it is focused on American media,the ones who put Obama in the White House. Our media hoping to do the same for JT ; 



7) The Debates debate

   Update (May 20) at the bottom.

      I have a problem with the popular notion that in the election debates PM Harper will decimate any chance of Canada electing another PM Trudeau. 

     If Trudeau shows up he wins.Nothing short of him being obviously stoned and whipping out his little spitfire and wagging it at Lizzie May will change the outcome.

     The fix is in. 

     The debates will be once again arranged and moderated by a media consortium and broadcast on CBC.

     This will be the same consortium that has sought to protect JT from his own words in the past. 

    "The reason McGuire assembled the Consortium is made clear in the documents -- stamped "confidential" in 38 different places. 

     The CBC was upset that the Conservative Party was running TV ads criticizing Justin Trudeau's soft-on-terrorism policies...  And she knew that if the CBC alone imposed such a policy, it wouldn't have much impact -- her competitors at CTV, Global and CityNews would get all the ads, and all the ad money.

So she secretly reached out to her competitors and asked them to join her cartel. But she didn't reach out to the Sun News Network."

        Read the article. If you are one of those who consider anything by Sun News to be unworthy of your time, best think again, facts are facts, it doesn't matter who presents them. 

     My take on this CBC headed deal is that the consortium is censoring any negative remarks by JT. They are going to be JT's gaffe insurance. He will pay the premium after the election.

     Justin will not talk to Sun News. There are many instances of this. The 'consortium' wants to make sure that when he blunders on their networks, it will not be repeated by others.The courts have ruled against this concept. It won't matter. The media will do it and hope that the election is over before they are found wrong once again. 

If they can control the content of others, JT will be safe from negative press. They did it for Wynne. They will do it for JT.


Case in point. Ben Levin. 

     The CBC reported once on his 7 charges related to child pornography. They updated that 2 days later. That was in 2012. Since that time they have not reported anything. Go to their site and use their search engine.  The National Post reported on the 19th of January that Levin will plead GUILTY to some charges. It is a plea bargain that will negate a trial. I would have liked to have everything come out in a trial. 

Levin was a member of Wynne's transition team. He also was the deputy Minister of Education for Ontario during the time these offences were committed. 

     That should have been front page news. It was not. It was not even back page news. The CBC buried the story. They threw your children under the big red Liberal bus to bolster the Liberal chances in the Ontario election. It worked.

    Justin's current Quebec man is Pablo Rodriguez. Pablo had a bit of a problem with "driving under the influence". Pablo made the charges public a month after they were laid. 

The CBC covered it with one story published on-line late on a Friday afternoon. That was it. No mention on the National, no closer look,no court details, no interviews with Pablo or Ignatieff, no reaction from MADD, nothing. They didn't talk to the owners of the cars he hit, the cops, the bar staff, nothing was done. The story was buried. 

 The media doesn't care who is driving the big red bus or who is in the back teaching sex education to the kids. All they care is that the bus keeps running because the owner promised them that he would restore their cushy funding.


          Justin will win the debate. Worst case scenario for the Liberals is that he flubs it so bad that the media call it a tie. 

    The public will be swayed by the media coverage. The boxing analogies, especially the proverbial "knockout punch" are ready and waiting. If the Conservatives wait until the debate starts to counter that the ref is wearing a Liberal T-shirt, they may as well throw in the towel now. 


      If JT wins the election ,many Canadians will not recognize Canada in a few years. Those who have been to Cuba will. 



         Hey, maybe they are listening;  

     A little more; 

     This is the 10 minute clip from CBC's "Power and Politics" with Kory Teneycke and Evan Soloman discussing the Conservative shutting out the 'Consortium'. Perhaps, they should be called the 'Cartel'.

Evan is quite animated all through it. He gets personal in the last few minutes when he asks Kory about his relationship with Quebecor/Sun News. I think he was looking for a 'gotcha' moment. If looks could kill, Rosemary Barton would be the new host of PnP tomorrow.
Too bad, Kory didn't ask him if he worked for the Liberal party.

The NDP will debate anywhere and at anytime.
The Conservatives will not debate if the cartel controls the debate. 
The Liberals are hesitant about anything outside the control of the CBC's consortium. What a shocker !!!
The Libs also are upset that there may be 3 English debates and only 2 French debates, and Lizzie May and the BQ may not be there.

The consortium has already agreed that they will not air any advertisements that use their material without permission. Basically that means if JT messes up, the others will not carry an ad that shows JT being JT. This concept has already been shot down by the courts years ago, but it won't matter after the election. This is JT's gaffe insurance, premium due Oct.20th.
We will be paying it for years.

Soloman pushes a specious argument that the CBC is doing Canadians a favour by airing the debates and foregoing advertising revenue. He conveniently forgets that the CBC is owned by Canadians, and if the network foregoes advertising for 90 minutes, we can live with it. 
The CBC mandate is to inform Canadians, not to make a profit, and certainly not to champion the Liberal party. If their mandate was to make a profit, they would have been gone 75 years ago.

IMHO,the bottom line is that the Conservatives do not trust the CBC's consortium, and rightfully so.
The NDP don't care who puts it on, they are confident in their leader.
The Liberals do not want JT to be anywhere near a camera unless they, through their proxies, have complete control. 

If the CBC cartel has control of the technical aspects, the copyright, and the questions beforehand, Justin will benefit greatly.
Remember the last French debate? The fellow that did PM Harper's voice sounded like the CBC found him in a Montreal bathhouse.

The CBC can air any debate, but they cannot control EVERY debate. That has got them and the Liberals worried. 
It is going to be an interesting 5 months.


 If you have the time, look through the rest of this site.

 It is disorganized.It is not professional. But it is all factual. Cheers. 



       The opinions expressed are my own, they may change. The facts belong to everyone, they cannot be changed. 


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