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      Spring 2015 will be way too late.  

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The Board of Internal Economy has released the ' Members Expenditure' report for the first fiscal quarter of 2014.

A quick recap;

June 3rd,2013 -

I ask Justin's office for a detailed accounting of his travel expenses for the time he was a Liberal MP before becoming leader.  

Justin averaged $80,000 a year on travel, about 3 1/2 times more  than other Montreal MPs.  I thought that amount was a tad excessive considering Montreal is only a 2 hour drive away. 

June 5th.2013 -

Justin announces, to much fanfare, that the Liberal party will start a ' pro-active disclosure' program. They will post expenses quarterly on their website.

The media surround him in an orgy of lust that would make garter snakes blush. 

June 12th 2014 -

Justin states that posting expenses is an "onerous" task. 

October 10th 2014 -

The Board of Internal economy releases the " members expenditures " report for the first fiscal quarter of 2014.

Justin's travel expenses are blank.    


Hit the link and find his page.

Hit JT's name. You will see that he has NO travel expenses listed.

Go a step further

Justin has nothing listed.  Mr. 'open and transparent', is neither. 

His expenses are " claim pending".

I checked 10 other Liberals and a dozen or so others at random. All had travel expenses  listed. 

 What does 'Claim Pending' mean in the Detailed Travel Points Report?

 Claim pending refers to purchased tickets for which a travel expense claim has not yet been processed by the House Administration.

Whoa now,what is the hold-up ? 

"All travel claims must be personally signed by the Member and submitted through the Financial Portal".



   I set up this site because Justin Trudeau has a chance to become the next Prime Minister of Canada. 

   I personally think that would be a disaster for a few reasons.

   First and foremost is his lack of experience in the real world. 

   He was a part-tine teacher. A good teacher is worth their weight in gold. I don't know if he was good or bad, but he did give it up. A good teacher sticks with the job, because a good teacher knows that they are good and love the job. Even the part-time ones.  


   Second, is his disregard for our tax dollars. It is profound. It is entrenched in his psyche. It is real.

 The figures will prove that. From his spendthrift days while with Katimivat to his ongoing trips around the country glad-handing and fundraising today, JT has shown that he would rather spend your money than his own. 

In all fairness, so would I. But I don't aspire to rule Canada.

  He  understands the 'middle-class' as well as I understand the nuances of the ultra-wealthy. Justin was born with a silver spoon, it is all he knows. 

Third, he really is not very smart. He may be smarter than me, he might be smarter than you. BUT, he is not smart enough to lead a country.

His vagueness on most issues is alarming. He invokes the 'Charter of Rights', and then runs. 

He invokes experts, and then runs.

Global warming, prostitution, abortion, etc., it does not matter.  Justin can only mouth platitudes and then flee. 


Before you go any further, some links you can click on, some you have to copy and paste. I'm not a website/internet guy. 

But I try.


 Justin's fleecing of the taxpayer.

 There are likely many instances that will be found in an audit, but this one is out in the open. The link shows that we paid for Justin and an aide to fly to Sudbury. JT attended a couple of photo-ops during the day.

 That evening, he headlined a $1,200 a plate fundraiser for the Liberal party. In my opinion, that is theft. At the very least it is likely a breach of public trust. The criminal code of Canada states; 

 Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.


 Justin on his participation with terrorist groups;

Justin talks about abortion;

Justin talks about senate reform.

Justin and skateboards and the middle class, finally something he has experience with ...

Justin on the government he admires.


 Justin on the disclosure of First Nation chief's salaries;

  "  In fact, it was a Liberal government that engaged in a meaningful consultative process with First Nations communities during the 2004 Kelowna Accord negotiations to establish strong new accountability measures ... This new plan was promptly discarded by the Conservatives when they came into office. "  

 Not so, sounds good though. Justin got it wrong again, The Kelowna Accord,which was never finalized,had nothing in it about disclosure of salaries. Nada,zilch. JT may have made that up, or more likely one of handlers did.

The media accepted his words without question.

  Justin on global security; 

  "  The biggest threat to global security is the kind of violence and misunderstandings and wars that come out of resource depletion, economic uncertainty, concerns of lack of hope for generations growing up in a world that is getting smaller and seemingly less and less fair."

   That is lunacy. It sounds like something one would say when running for student council president.  

 Speaking of security...JT's house was entered while his wife,3 children, and the nanny slept,along with anyone else that may have been there.

 This story  does not pass the sniff test. It has changed from a note about locking doors left on a pile of household items to a chilling,threatening note left on a pile of butcher knives. 

  Very quiet scofflaws entered the Trudeau home, did not wake anyone, collected a pile of stuff, and then wrote a warning note ???

 The alarm system was not turned on,or non-existent. No other homes in the area were entered or attempted to be entered. Someone unknown to the family risked a jail sentence to prank the Trudeaus ???  I don't think so. 

 More likely, someone very close to Justin wanted him to spend more time with his family. 

 Watch for this story to be quietly buried.  



See Justin. 

See Justin run.

Run Justin,run.

Here comes the Sun.


JT is a free spending Liberal.  

Justin averaged $80,000 a year in travel expenses BEFORE he became Liberal leader. His Montreal riding is a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. By comparison, Marc Garneau, another high-profile Montreal MP, averaged $20,000 a year on travel. Also, JT's attendance record in the House of Commons is abysmal.

Where was Justin going, and why did we pay for it ???

An audit will likely land Justin before a judge. It would be best to do that sooner rather than later. 



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