Doing what the media won't 

     I'm redoing the whole site. It may look better, it may be easier to navigate. 

Today is August 17th, hopefully it will be done in a week.  It will never be a 'professional' looking site.  However, the facts will have been verified, as they are now. My opinions are always subject to change. 

If you have an hour or more, take a look through, there is lots that the media never reported or questioned, or only reported once and then buried. 

     The Liberal party has been aware of this site since day one. In fact, JT announced his 'pro-active disclosure' on June 5th 2013, two days after I wrote the party asking for a detailed breakdown of his travel expenses from 2009 to 2013.

     The site is still here. 
     Everything you read here is backed up.
     My opinions are my own. 

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     It is interesting though.
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     It is important, read it.
     It goes to the 'heart' of his privilege and disregard for working Canadians.
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      Read on.

    Justin is a narcissist. He believes that he can better his father.
     If he has to lie and preen for the media, well, so did papa. 
     BTW, papa married a teenager when he was 48, the media thought that was 'cool'. 
        I don't.
        If you are a Liberal supporter, you may think that it is OK also ...until a 50 year old man is dinking your teenage kid.
       This ain't the Honey Boo Boo Kardashians, it is reality. 

       Justin is the spawn of that coupling. 

       That does not mean that he will turn out all messed up, but it does raise the possibility.
       IMHO, Justin is messed up.
       His papa was a world renowned figure. His mom was arm candy.
       She rebelled. 

       It must have been a turbulent childhood for the young Justin.

       The marriage deteriorated.
       Papa, the dominant figure, had Margaret sign over all rights to the children and his money  at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night. That would be a meeting that needed to be videotaped. 
       But it wasn't.
       When you are the PM of a country, you have clout. 

       Some will spew on Margaret for her lifestyle in the mid-70's. 
       I won't. 
       She married a 'celebrity'. It rarely works out.


      Justin wants to best papa. 
      As much as I despise PET, JT would be worse.
      The intelligence is not there, the name is, but that won't  do.
      He is being used.

      Justin doesn't need a psychiatrist, he needs a team of psychiatrists.
       I don't say that lightly. 
       BTW, where's Sophie ?


   Read on. It will become evident.


 If you have the time, look through the rest of this site.

 It is disorganized.It is not professional. But it is all factual. Cheers. 


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    The facts are facts, my opinions are my opinions.
   If you have a problem with that, well... in the words of the great John Waters;

 I guess there's just two kinds of people ... my kind of people, and assholes. It's rather obvious which category you fit into. "



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