Doing what the media won't 



     Spring 2015 will be way too late. 




   I set up this site because Justin Trudeau has a chance to become the next Prime Minister of Canada. 

   I personally think that would be a disaster for a few reasons.

   First and foremost is his lack of experience in the real world. 

   He was a part-tine teacher. A good teacher is worth their weight in gold. I don't know if he was good or bad, but he did give it up. A good teacher sticks with the job, because a good teacher knows that they are good and loves the job. Even the part-time ones.  


   Second, is his disregard for our tax dollars. It is profound. It is entrenched in his psyche. It is real.

 The figures will prove that. From his spendthrift days while with Katimivat to his ongoing trips around the country glad-handing and fundraising today, JT has shown that he would rather spend your money than his own. 

In all fairness, so would I. But I don't aspire to rule Canada.

  He  understands the 'middle-class' as well as I understand the nuances of the ultra-wealthy. I have more in common with Justin Beiber than Justin Trudeau. JB started out middle-class,then became rich. JT was always rich. 

Third, he really is not very smart. He may be smarter than me, he might be smarter than you. BUT, he is not smart enough to lead a country.

His vagueness on most issues is alarming. He invokes the 'Charter of Rights', and then runs. 

He invokes experts, and then runs.

Global warming, prostitution, abortion, etc., it does not matter.  Justin can only mouth platitudes and then flee. 


Before you go any further, some links you can click on, some you have to copy and paste. I'm not a website/internet guy. 

But I try. 


Justin on his participation with terrorist groups;

Justin talks about abortion;

Justin talks about senate reform.

Justin and skateboards and the middle class, finally something he has experience with ...

Justin on the government he admires.

See Justin. 

See Justin run.

Run Justin,run.

Here comes the Sun.


JT is a free spending Liberal.  

Justin averaged $80,000 a year in travel expenses BEFORE he became Liberal leader. His Montreal riding is a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. By comparison, Marc Garneau, another high-profile Montreal MP, averaged $20,000 a year on travel. Also, JT's attendance record in the House of Commons is abysmal.

Where was Justin going, and why did we pay for it ???

An audit will likely land Justin before a judge. It would be best to do that sooner rather than later. 


 The opinions expressed are my own, they may change. The facts belong to everyone, they cannot be changed. 


   Apathy is not an option for me. Hopefully, not for you either. 
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