Doing what the media won't 



  I have a problem with the popular notion that in the election debates PM Harper will decimate any chance of Canada electing another PM Trudeau.

   If Trudeau shows up he wins.Nothing short of him being obviously stoned and whipping out his little spitfire and wagging it at Lizzie May will change the outcome.

   The fix is in. 

   The debates will be once again arranged and moderated by a media consortium and broadcast on CBC.

   This will be the same consortium that has sought to protect JT from his own words in the past. 

  " The reason McGuire assembled the Consortium is made clear in the documents -- stamped "confidential" in 38 different places. 

   The CBC was upset that the Conservative Party was running TV ads criticizing Justin Trudeau's soft-on-terrorism policies...  And she knew that if the CBC alone imposed such a policy, it wouldn't have much impact -- her competitors at CTV, Global and CityNews would get all the ads, and all the ad money.

So she secretly reached out to her competitors and asked them to join her cartel. But she didn't reach out to the Sun News Network."

     Read the article. If you are one of those who consider anything by Sun News to be unworthy of your time, best think again, facts are facts, it doesn't matter who presents them. 

  My take on this CBC headed deal is that the consortium is censoring any negative remarks by JT. They are going to be JT's gaffe insurance. He will pay the premium after the election.

 Justin will not talk to Sun News. There are many instances of this. The 'consortium' wants to make sure that when he blunders on their networks,it will not be repeated by others.The courts have ruled against this concept. It won't matter. The media will do it and hope that the election is over before they are found wrong once again. 

If they can control the content of others, JT will be safe from negative press. They did it for Wynne. They will do it for JT.


Case in point. Ben Levin. 

The CBC reported once on his 7 charges related to child pornography. They updated that 2 days later. That was in 2012. Since that time they have not reported anything. Go to their site and use their search engine.  The National Post reported on the 19th of January that Levin will plead GUILTY to some charges. It is a plea bargain that will negate a trial. I would have liked to have everything come out in a trial. 

Levin was a member of Wynne's transition team. He also was the deputy Minister of Education for Ontario during the time these offences were committed. 

   That should have been front page news. It was not. It was not even back page news. The CBC buried the story. They threw your children under the big red Liberal bus to bolster the Liberal chances in the Ontario election. It worked.

  Justin's current Quebec man is Pablo Rodriguez. Pablo had a bit of a problem with "driving under the influence". Pablo made the charges public a month after they were laid. 

 The CBC covered it with one story published on-line late on a Friday afternoon. That was it. No closer look,no court details, no interviews with Pablo or Ignatieff, nothing. The media doesn't care who is driving the red bus or who is in the back teaching sex education to the kids. All they care is that the bus keeps running.


    Justin will win the debate. Worst case scenario for the Liberals is that he flubs it so bad that the media call it a tie. 

  The public will be swayed by the media coverage. The boxing analogies, especially the proverbial "knockout punch" are ready and waiting. If the Conservatives wait until the debate starts, to counter that the ref is wearing a Liberal T-shirt, they may as well throw in the towel now. 

  If JT wins ,many Canadians will not recognize Canada in a few years. Those who have been to Cuba will. 




 There is hope though. 

The Conservatives have to take the gloves off. They cannot wait for the debate or for Justin to implode. They have to get off their soft asses and start informing the voter. Sun News is doing good work, but they are preaching to the choir.

  An audit would be a good place to start. 

  Justin averaged close to $80,000 a year on travel alone for each of the 4 years before he became leader. In the fiscal year 2010 (April 1 to March 31) he spent about $114,000 tax dollars on travel and accommodation. That was the year leading up to the May 2, 2011 election. That is about $10,000 a month. 

 His home was a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. Where was he going and why?

I suspect he was fundraising for the party, mixed in with some 'personal for profit' excursions. If so, no more Trudeau. 

In comparison, Marc Garneau spent about $85,000 less than Justin that year. Their ridings are both in Montreal. The only difference should be a few bucks in cabfare, not the net wages of two working stiffs.

  This excerpt from Chatelaine is bizarre. The magazine sent a crew over there to do a piece on the Trudeaus at home. Fair enough, you know it will be fluff, but that is the nature of these articles. 

 But...   " ... Grégoire is calm, happy, unflappable in the midst of the swirling room, though she skips a beat when she hears that Trudeau’s been tossing the baby. She’s fine with the standing-kid stunt, she says, but she hadn’t heard about what he did for an encore: Lowering Hadrien to waist height, he’d flipped the infant on his side and spun him in the air, fast. The baby, gobsmacked, rolled like a crazily time-lapsed rotisserie chicken, executing a flawless 360 in mid-air.

“He did the roll?” she asks, eyebrows rising. “That’s new.” Her voice takes on a tone of faux menace. “Oooooh, Justin . . .” "


  What !!!

  I had to look into this a bit further. 

  Apparently there is a yoga program for infants.  This "roll" and the "standing-kid stunt" are part of the program. It is, or was, popular in Russia and among European elites. Some say it helps the child grow to their maximum. Pediatricians say it is dangerous and may cause severe injury or death.They cite 'shaken baby syndrome'.  I think it is child endangerment and child services should talk to the parents. 

On the plus side, this should end any chance of a third Trudeau PM. 

You be the judge; 


 Justin's yoga teaching wife left the room. Justin then rolled the baby to impress the female Chatelaine crew.

 I would like to see him do it on national TV. I'm sure it would impress the soccer moms. 

Integrity, intelligence, not an iota to be found. 

If you were going away for a couple of weeks, who would you want to look after your children?

The Harpers, the Mulcairs, or the Trudeaus ?

Choose wisely, you're stuck with your choice, maybe for 4 years. 



  BTW, the Trudeaus are not too keen on vaccinations. 

   " Q: How did H1N1 affect your family?

A: For some vaccines I'm a little bit hesitant. With H1N1, there are two sides to this. First of all, it's a social responsibility and we have to establish social order and we need to be part of that. "



 The Trudeaus do stunts with their new baby that most, if not all pediatricians consider dangerous, if not deadly.

They are hesitant about vaccinating their kids.

 What else .... oh yeah, their house was entered by a 'drunk teenager' while the kids slept. The Trudeaus did not lock the doors, and apparently did not have an alarm system. 

   " The note allegedly said the items could have been stolen but weren’t, so the family should lock their doors in the future. 

The break-in happened while Trudeau’s wife and three young children were asleep in the home."

" The note allegedly said the items could have been stolen but weren’t, so the family should lock their doors in the future. 
The break-in happened while Trudeau’s wife and three young children were asleep in the home."

Coming up soon, Justin's promises 'pro-active' financial disclosure (an onerous task) and 'open and transparent' nominations (another farce). 

 Justin has a problem with following through on his 'communiques', the media covers for him. 

 If you have the time, look through the rest of this site.

 It is disorganized.It is not professional. But it is all factual. Cheers. 




  Onward to his personal financial tricks and other unsavory facts that you may not know. This first item shows that nothing has changed, business as usual for the Liberals and their leader. 



The Board of Internal Economy has released the ' Members Expenditure' report for the first fiscal quarter of 2014.

A quick recap;

June 3rd,2013 -

I ask Justin's office for a detailed accounting of his travel expenses for the time he was a Liberal MP before becoming leader.  

Justin averaged $80,000 a year on travel, about 3 1/2 times more  than other Montreal MPs.  I thought that amount was a tad excessive considering Montreal is only a 2 hour drive away. 

June 5th.2013 -

Justin announces, to much fanfare, that the Liberal party will start a ' pro-active disclosure' program. They will post expenses quarterly on their website.

The media surround him in an orgy of lust that would make garter snakes blush. 

June 12th 2014 -

Justin states that posting expenses is an "onerous" task. 

October 10th 2014 -

The Board of Internal economy releases the " members expenditures " report for the first fiscal quarter of 2014.

Justin's travel expenses are blank.    


Hit the link and find his page.

Hit JT's name. You will see that he has NO travel expenses listed.

Go a step further

Justin has nothing listed.  Mr. 'open and transparent', is neither. 

His expenses are " claim pending".

I checked 10 other Liberals and a dozen or so others at random. All had travel expenses  listed.

As of Jan.19 2015, JT still had not any travel expenses listed. 

 What does 'Claim Pending' mean in the Detailed Travel Points Report?

 Claim pending refers to purchased tickets for which a travel expense claim has not yet been processed by the House Administration.

Whoa now,what is the hold-up ? 

"All travel claims must be personally signed by the Member and submitted through the Financial Portal".



Before you go any further, some links you can click on, some you have to copy and paste. I'm not a website/internet guy. 

But I try.


 Justin's fleecing of the taxpayer.

 There are likely many instances that will be found in an audit, but this one is out in the open. The link shows that we paid for Justin and an aide to fly to Sudbury. JT attended a couple of photo-ops during the day.

 That evening, he headlined a $1,200 a plate fundraiser for the Liberal party. In my opinion, that is theft. At the very least it is likely a breach of public trust. The criminal code of Canada states; 

 Every official who, in connection with the duties of his office, commits fraud or a breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years, whether or not the fraud or breach of trust would be an offence if it were committed in relation to a private person.


 Justin on his participation with terrorist groups;

Justin talks about abortion;

 The above link and others that go to Sun News may no longer be viable. My apologies. Some do work though.  

Justin talks about senate reform.

Justin and skateboards and the middle class, finally something he has experience with ...

Justin on the government he admires.


 Justin on the disclosure of First Nation chief's salaries;

  "  In fact, it was a Liberal government that engaged in a meaningful consultative process with First Nations communities during the 2004 Kelowna Accord negotiations to establish strong new accountability measures ... This new plan was promptly discarded by the Conservatives when they came into office. "  

 Not so, sounds good though. Justin got it wrong, again. 

The Kelowna Accord,which was never finalized,had nothing in it about disclosure of salaries. Nada,zilch. JT may have made that up, or more likely one of handlers did.

The media accepted his words without question.

  Justin on global security; 

  "  The biggest threat to global security is the kind of violence and misunderstandings and wars that come out of resource depletion, economic uncertainty, concerns of lack of hope for generations growing up in a world that is getting smaller and seemingly less and less fair."

   That is idiocy. It sounds like something one would say when running for student council president.  That is JT combining the views of his two top advisers with his own fondness for communism.

One, Gerald Butts, says (I'm paraphrasing) that we must stop using all fossil fuels in the next 30 years or we will all die horrible deaths as Gaia shrugs off human life.  He gave up the top job at the WWF-Canada to help JT win. He is greener and more radical than Elizabeth May. 

The other, Omar Alghabra, is the past president of the Canadian-Arab Federation. The CAF has had their gov't funding stopped because of ties to an Islamic terrorist organization(Hamas). 

They appealed that decision in the courts. They lost.



 You will not see much criticism of Mr. Trudeau on the media. The Sun does the most. The others, not so much. One would be forgiven if they thought that there was some sort of pact among them to protect Justin.

Oh, wait a minute ...

The CBC was upset that the Conservative Party was running TV ads criticizing Justin Trudeau's soft-on-terrorism policies...  And she knew that if the CBC alone imposed such a policy, it wouldn't have much impact -- her competitors at CTV, Global and CityNews would get all the ads, and all the ad money.

So she secretly reached out to her competitors and asked them to join her cartel. But she didn't reach out to the Sun News Network." 


See Justin. 

See Justin run.

Run Justin,run.

Here comes the Sun.


JT is a free spending Liberal.  

Justin averaged $80,000 a year in travel expenses BEFORE he became Liberal leader. He was the third party critic for 'youth sports'. 

 His Montreal riding is a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. By comparison, Marc Garneau, another high-profile Montreal MP, averaged $20,000 a year on travel. Also, JT's attendance record in the House of Commons is abysmal.

Where was Justin going, and why did we pay for it ???

An audit will likely land Justin before a judge. It would be best to do that sooner rather than later. 


 Now that is scary. 

  A 'carbon pricing policy' is a carbon tax.  You can put as much lipstick, mascara, botox shots as you want on, and into, this pig, but the next morning,you will still wake up with a carbon tax. It will have moved in, and your life will be miserable.Your kid's lives will be miserable. The climate will keep on changing. 

 The Liberal pig will be happy. 

 A Liberal majority, or a coalition gov't of NDP/Liberal MPs will result in a tax on most everything. This tax will go to Ottawa and then some will be returned to the provinces. The climate will not notice. 

The opinions expressed are my own, they may change. The facts belong to everyone, they cannot be changed. 


   Apathy is not an option for me. Hopefully, not for you either. 
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