Doing what the media won't 

                                         Why vote for the Liberals ?

                                                 Well, why not ?

       Justin has character:
       " The baby, gobsmacked, rolled like a crazily time-lapsed rotisserie chicken, executing a flawless 360 in mid-air."
      Justin  cares about your expenses;
      Travel expenses and per diem for the year leading up to the 2011 election, $ 114,809.72.
               That is 4 times more than the average of the other Montreal MPs. 
        Where was he going ?
        Why were we paying for it ?

      Justin cares about national security.
       "  What would you say is the biggest threat to global security today?" 


       "The biggest threat to global security is the kind of violence and misunderstandings and wars that come out of resource depletion, economic uncertainty, concerns of lack of hope for generations growing up in a world that is getting smaller and seemingly less and less fair,"




          Milewski: “If you don’t want to bomb a group as ghastly as ISIS, when would you ever support real military action…”

      Trudeau: “Terry, that’s a nonsensical question...” 



        Justin will never do jail time.

      "  Roche was going to see Trudeau again Thursday night at a $1,200-a-plate fundraiser where he was working as a volunteer, not a paying customer. "




         If you have an hour or more, take a look through the site, there is lots that the media never reported or questioned, or only reported once and then buried.
        There are links to everything that I have put up. 

       The Liberal party has been aware of this site since day one. 
In fact, JT announced his 'pro-active disclosure' on June 5th 2013, two days after I wrote the party asking for a detailed breakdown of his travel expenses from 2009 to 2013.

     The site is still here. 
     Everything you read here is backed up.
     My opinions are my own. 

     The 'Jail time for JT '  page is done. ( no, there is more Sudbury sleaze) 
     It is important, read it.
     It details a scam that JT and the Liberal party did to defraud the taxpayer. 
     He should be in front of a judge. 
     It has been up since the beginning of this site. The Liberal party could try to have it taken down, but ...  

      The 'expenses' pages are what they are, JT's expenses compared to the other Montreal MPs.
      He spent $320,000 on travel ($80,000 a year) before he became leader of the LPC. That is 4 times more than the average of the other MPs.
     Over $100,000 on travel leading up  to the 2011 election.

           Where was he going?
           Why were we billed for it ?

                             Was he fundraising on our dime ?
                 I think so. I think the Sudbury scam was one of many.
           Why would the 3rd party critic for youth sports, travel more than any other Montreal MP ?  
           How can anyone spend $10,000 a month on travel between Ottawa and Montreal?
          These are the expenses that JT submitted and approved himself. There was no oversight. 

       This all goes to the 'heart' of his privilege and disdain for the 'middle-class'.
       How often do YOU spend more than ten thousand a month on hotels and flights ? 

     The 'character' page is still a mess, but worth reading.
     The feedback page will allow comments soon. 

      Justin wants to best papa. 
      As much as I despise the pedophile PET (legally not, morally YES), JT would be worse for the country.
      The intelligence is not there, the name is, but that won't  do.
      He is being used, and it ain't by those who care about the 'middle-class'. 

      Justin needs a psychiatrist.
      I don't say that lightly. 
      Canada doesn't need him or his gang. 


 If you have the time, look through the rest of this site.

 It is disorganized.

 It is not professional. But it is all factual.

 It has been up in various forms since October 2014. 

 The Liberal party is VERY aware of it. 

 I am still here.

 Pass me around, and hit the donate button if you can afford it.

 The CBC gets a billion a year to spin facts.

You don't have a choice on that. 





    The facts are facts, my opinions are my opinions.
   If you have a problem with that, well... in the words of the great John Waters;

 I guess there's just two kinds of people ... my kind of people, and assholes. It's rather obvious which category you fit into. "



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